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Insurance As You Want It...

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As it pertains to health insurance, 2014 and the individual mandate with the Affordable Care Act, is now the law of the land.  A once complicated industry has now become even more so.


Pacific Prosperity Group, LLC and its professional health insurance Representatives are in a position to help you through this process.   It is important to us that every individual or small business knows what is required of them as well as what is available to them.  PPG Management and Leadership has decades of experience in the individual health and life insurance space with over 1.5 billion in sales.

Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our certified and licensed specialist and find out the information you need to know.  Let us get started working for you in helping secure your financial and health protection for the years to come.


What is an Insurance Broker?


It is important for a consumer to know why Insurance Brokers are valuable to an Insurance Company, or Carrier as they are called in the business.  There are currently about 1,200 Life and Health Insurance Companies conducting business in the United States.  These carriers depend on Insurance Brokers to recruit and train licensed agents to sell their products.  This takes a tremendous burden off of the Carriers as they can concentrate on product development and serving of their policy holders.  Insurance Companies want consumers to know that they DO NOT offer a product for less cost by going directly to the company.  Prices for all products and all companies are the same whether they are purchased direct, through a captive Agent (an Agent appointed with and able to sell one particular company only) or through a Insurance Broker, such as Pacific Prosperity Group.


Pacific Prosperity Group has access to all Carriers in the industry but after careful evaluation we have narrowed our "go to" Carriers in the major insurance categories of  Major Medical Health Insurance, Short Term Health Insurance, Dental / Vision, Critical Illness and Cancer Plans, Accident Plans,  Life Insurance and Insurance for Seniors.  Those Companies will be noted in each area you visit.  This is not to say that one of our Agents does not steer you another direction for a particular reason.  This could be due to different underwriting standards, State availability or a host of other reasons.


Health Care Reform

What You May Want To Know

Although Health Care Reform, officially know as Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, was signed into law March 23, 2010, and was touted by the Obama Administration as an “Answer” for our Country’s medical uninsured, you can see for yourself the maze of complexities that now exist or are scheduled to exist over the next few years.


Pacific Prosperity Group, LLC, is here to help you navigate your way through those complexities.  Call upon one of our licensed health care specialists to give you a knowledgeable look at the options you have for yourself and your family.

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